Top 10 Heavy Wrestlers in the WWE Universe

List of Top 10 Heavy Wrestlers in the WWE Universe

The WWE boasts a wide variety of talent, from athletes who are lightning-quick and wiry to those who are slow and heavy. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Top 10 Heavy Wrestlers in the WWE and highlight their amazing feats in the ring.

Professional wrestling has seen some of the biggest and most powerful massive wrestlers in sports entertainment, with superstars including Viscera, Giant Gonzalez, Vader, Rikishi, Gorilla Monsoon, and The Great Khali. Each heavy wrestler had a unique personality and style that left an impression on professional wrestling as we know it today.

11. Samoa Joe – 141 kg

11. Samoa Joe - 141 kg
11. Samoa Joe – 141 kg

Samoa Joe is another heavy hitter in the WWE Universe. Standing at 6’2″, Samoa Joe is a muscular and intimidating presence. His rage and strength have been known to often overpower his opponents, even against larger and taller competitors like John Cena and Triple H. Professional wrestling fans remember him for his signature submission move, the Coquina Clutch, which has proven to be incredibly difficult to break out of, if not impossible. Despite his size, Samoa Joe is especially agile and quick in the ring with his never-ending array of suplexes, strikes, and high-flying maneuvers.

10. Kane – 147 kg

10. Kane - 147 kg
10. Kane – 147 kg

Kane is a massive presence in the WWE Universe with his intimidating height, weight, and imposing mask. His signature finishing move is the Tombstone Piledriver, which involves lifting up an opponent and then slamming them on the mat in a very dominant maneuver. With a weight of 323 lbs and a height of 7’0″, Kane is one of only a few wrestlers who can round out the roster of heavyweights in the industry today.

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9. Braun Strowman – 156 kg

9. Braun Strowman - 156 kg
9. Braun Strowman – 156 kg

A powerhouse of a man at 6 foot 8 inches and 385 pounds, Braun Strowman is known as the “Monster Among Men” in the WWE Universe. He made his official debut in 2015 and since then has been one of the more dominant superstars. On top of that, he is an incredible athlete for someone his size, able to pull off moves that not many people could do.

8. Great Khali – 157 kg

The Great Khali
The Great Khali – Top 10 Heavy Wrestlers in the WWE

The Great Khali‘s weight is 157 kg (345 lbs). He is the most Popular Indian WWE wrestler among others. His life is full of mystery, born into a poor family and became everything on his own. He is well known for his work in professional wrestling and also worked in movies.

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7. Mark Henry – 163 kg

7. Mark Henry - 163 kg
7. Mark Henry – 163 kg

Mark Henry, known as the “World’s Strongest Man,” made his WWE debut back in 1996 at SummerSlam. Since then he has become one of the most feared wrestlers in the WWE because of his incredible strength and stature. After being betrayed by his former partner, Kane, Henry had to face retribution by taking on epic opponents like Big Show and The Great Khali. But it hasn’t slowed him down and he continues to dominate the ring today with some of the most physically distinguished moves possible from a man his size.

6. Big Show – 174 kg

big show
Top 10 Heavy Wrestlers in the WWE

Big Show is undoubtedly the biggest wrestler in the WWE Universe, with a height of 7’0″ and an incredible weight of 421 lbs. With such size, Big Show has been known to dominate his opponents in the ring and make them submit with one simple maneuver. Despite not having any fancy moves or theatrics as part of his wrestling technique, Big Show’s legendary strength and grappling ability for a man of his size make him one of the most impressive wrestlers to ever take on the ropes!

5. Gorilla Monsoon – 182 kg

5. Gorilla Monsoon - 182 kg
5. Gorilla Monsoon – 182 kg

Masters of the RingGorilla Monsoon was a renowned heavy wrestler in their own right. Standing 6ft7, 350lb Gorilla Monsoon was a well-respected commentator throughout his career. In the ring, his brute strength and intimidating physique often made opponents quiver in fear. On the other hand, he stands an impressive 7ft3 and 420lb, making him one of the largest competitors ever seen in professional wrestling. Khali managed to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion and is widely remembered for his remarkable agility despite his size. Both wrestlers have left an incredible legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

4. Rikishi – 193 kg

4. Rikishi - 193 kg
4. Rikishi – 193 kg

Rikishi is a unique figure in the history of professional wrestling, weighing in at a whopping 500lbs and standing 6ft5. His oversized physique made it very difficult for opponents to take him down, and his athleticism and high-flying moves were unmatched. Rikishi is known for innovating some of the most famous signature maneuvers like the Stinkface and Banzai drop. He was beloved by his fans who often shouted out “Rikishi-solution” during his matches. A huge fan favorite, Rikishi will forever be remembered as one of the most important heavy wrestlers ever.

3. Vader – 204 kg

3. Vader - 204 kg
3. Vader – 204 kg

“Big Van Vader” was the name that Leon White brought to the wrestling world, and it stands to this day. As one of the original “big men”, Vader proved to be a force against some of the greatest opponents in professional wrestling. From WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan to his former tag-team partner Mick Foley, Vader’s size saw him demolish opponents with ease. His intimidating demeanor brought excitement to fans around the world and saw him become one of pro wrestling’s most beloved legends.

2. Giant Gonzalez – 209 kg

2. Giant Gonzalez - 209 kg
2. Giant Gonzalez – 209 kg

Few people will ever forget the intimidating presence of Giant Gonzalez. Wrestling for the World Wrestling Federation from 1992 to 1993, this seven-foot muscle-bound wrestler made an everlasting impression in the world of professional wrestling. His massive frame was something that unavoidably stood out and he was frequently referred to as “El Gigante”. Although his career came up short, he served as the most colossal figure at ringside and fought many memorable matches during his tenure.

1. Viscera – 221 kg

1. Viscera - 221 kg
1. Viscera – 221 kg

Viscera, or Mabel as he was also known, was a unique character in the sport of professional wrestling. He made an impact with his athletic 400-pound frame that allowed him to make good use of power moves including flying splashes and bodyslams. In addition to being a powerful competitor, he served as the WWF’s special matchmaker and went on to win several titles throughout his career. He’ll always be remembered for having a reputation as one of the toughest big men in wrestling history.


Who is the heaviest wrestler in the WWE?
Answer: The heaviest wrestler in the WWE is subjective and can vary depending on the time frame. However, some wrestlers who have been known to be the heaviest wrestlers in the WWE include The Big Show, Mark Henry, The Great Khali, and Braun Strowman.

Who are the top 10 heaviest wrestlers in the WWE?
Answer: The top 10 heaviest wrestlers in the WWE are subjective and can vary depending on the time frame. But some wrestlers who have been considered as the heaviest wrestlers in the WWE include The Big Show, Mark Henry, The Great Khali, Braun Strowman, Vader, Bam Bam Bigelow, The Black River, The Godfather, Yokozuna and The Great Nita.

How much does the Big Show weigh?
Answer: The Big Show (Paul Wight) has been listed at 7 feet (2.13 m) and between 425 and 441 pounds (193 and 200 kg) during his career, making him one of the heaviest wrestlers in the WWE history.

How do wrestlers maintain their weight?
Answer: Professional wrestlers maintain their weight through a combination of diet and exercise. They typically eat high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets and engage in weightlifting and cardio exercises to build muscle and burn fat. Some wrestlers may also use supplements such as protein powder to help them reach their desired weight.

Are there any heavyweights divisions in the WWE?
Answer: WWE does not have a heavyweight division as such, but it has a class system for their wrestlers where the biggest and heaviest wrestler are called Big Men or Giants and they have been featured prominently in storylines and matches.

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