Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Delhi in 2023

There are lots of best places to visit in Delhi and many things to do in Delhi. Delhi is a bustling and vibrant city, filled with historic sites, colorful sights and fascinating attractions.

Whether you are looking for a pristine sightseeing tour or a contemporary shopping experience, Delhi has something to suit everyone’s taste.

Check out our list of the 10 best places to visit in Delhi and make sure you make the most of your trip!

1. India Gate

India Gate

India Gate is one of the most iconic and famous monuments in Delhi. Originally built to honor Indian soldiers who fought during World War I. India Gate is one of the best places to visit in delhi for couples. 

It is now a national monument commemorating the Indian freedom struggle and courage. Standing on the side of Rajpath in the heart of the city, you can see the impressive architecture. 

You do not need any kind of pass or ticket and you cannot enter India Gate only if the officials have permission. But you can just roam around India Gate and click pictures.

Entry fee– No Entry Fee.

Closed – NO

Timings– 24 hr.

2. Red Fort

Red Fort

The Red Fort is one of Delhi’s most impressive monuments, and was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. Begin your journey at the main entrance of Chatta Chowk, then explore the museums, palaces and gardens inside this massive complex – built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1638. 

Be sure to also see the remarkable Mughal architecture displayed here – including marble pavilions, ornate balconies and lush gardens. Red Fort is one of the best places to visit in delhi with friends.

Entry fee– 

  • INR 35 for Indians
  • INR 500 for foreigners.

Closed – Monday

Timings– 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

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3. Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

One of the most majestic tourist attractions in Delhi is the Lotus Temple. This magnificent, modern architectural marvel was designed by Fariborz Sahba of Iran and is a symbol of spiritual purity, peace and tranquility. 

The structure of the temple is like a huge white lotus flower and its petals are so big that it can accommodate 25 hundred people. Lotus temples are one of the best places to visit in Delhi with family. 

Visitors come here to admire this beautiful building as well as to experience religious reflection during the daily prayer services.

Entry fee– No Entry Fee.

Closed – Monday


  • 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM in Winter
  • 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM in Summer 

4. Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is the iconic 73 meter tall tower that is one of the most famous landmarks in Delhi, and it dates back to the 13th century. As you walk around, you can appreciate the red sandstone formations and intricately carved calligraphy that make up this impressive monument – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. 

After exploringthe tower’s four different floors, stroll through the surrounding statues and mosques that surround this historic landmark.

Qutub Minar is one of the best places to visit in Delhi with friends. You can go here by Yellow Line of Delhi Metro. 

Entry fee– 

  • Child below 4 year -Free
  • INR 30 for Indians
  • INR 500 for foreign 
  • INR 25 for non-commercial still or video cameras

Closed – No

Timings– 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

5. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple is an iconic symbol of spirituality and grandeur in Delhi. It is one of the best places to visit in Delhi with family. The sprawling complex covers a total area of 86 acres and is adorned with amazingly intricate artwork, sculptures and monuments. 

Upon arriving at the site, visitors will first enter a pavilion filled with approximately 20,000 sculptures that depict stories from India’s rich history of culture and faith. 

You can then marvel at Akshardham’s monumental fountain show, which displays scenes from Hindu mythology set against music, light and sound.

Entry fee– 

  • Child below 4 year- Free


  • INR 170 for adults 
  • INR 100 for children
  • INR 125 for senior citizens

Musical Fountain

  • INR 80 for adults (musical fountain)
  • INR 50 for children (musical fountain)
  • INR 80 senior citizens (musical fountain)

Closed – Monday

Timings– 9.30 Am to 6.30 Pm

6. Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun's Tomb

Built in the 16th century, Humayun’s Tomb is a magnificent mausoleum and one of the best places to visit in Delhi for couples. That stands as a precursor to the grand Taj Mahal. Built by the powerful Mughal empress, Haji Begum. 

It is a splendid example of Mughal architecture and one of Delhi’s most famous attractions. Also worth seeing are the intricately carved white marble tombs of nearby rulers.

Including Humayun himself and his first wife, Bega Begum. That gives visitors an insight into the fascinating royal culture of medieval India.

Entry fee– 

  • INR 30 for Indians
  • INR 500 for foreign tourists
  • INR 0 for photography
  • INR 25 for video filming

Closed – No

Timings–  6:00 Am – 6:00 Pm

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7. The Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses

Enjoy the lush green gardens at The Garden of Five Senses, a beautiful park in South Delhi. This scented park is divided into several sections like Zen, Geometric, Desert and Central Lawn.

Here you can find a variety of herbs and aromatic plants as well as lots of sculptures to admire. This is one of the best places to visit in Delhi for kids and If you are visiting with kids, try the interactive art installation or take a rickshaw pedicab ride for a pleasant time.

Entry fee– 

  • INR 35 for adults
  • INR 15 for children (up to 12 years of age)
  • INR 15 for senior citizens
  • Free access for disabled

Closed – No


  • 9:00 Am to 7:00 Pm – (April to September)
  • 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm – (October to March)

8. The Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions is a great attraction for all ages and it is one of the best places to visit in Delhi for fun.. It features a variety of interactive exhibits and imaginative optical illusions that challenge your senses and perception. 

This museum encourages exploration, creativity, and engages all visitors in the fun science of how our brains can be tricked by what we see!  Through various exhibitions, one can learn some fundamental science at this place. They use a variety of strange illusions and trickery to impart knowledge about vision, perception, the human mind, and science. 

Entry fee– 


  • INR 650 for Adults
  • INR 520 for Children (3+)


  • INR 690 for Adults
  • INR 550 for Children (3+)

Closed –  No


  • 11:00AM – 8:00PM (Monday – Friday)
  • 11:00AM – 8:30PM (Saturday – Sunday)

9. Waste to Wonder Theme Park

Waste to Wonder Theme Park

Waste to Wonder Theme Park is one of the best places to visit in Delhi for kids, families and friends. These sculptures represent the Seven Wonders of the World: the Statue of Liberty, the Taj Mahal, the Colosseum in Rome, Christ the Redeemer in Rio, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

The constructions are unique as they were all made using leftover industrial and other waste materials including iron sheets, rods, fins and automotive parts. 

Entry fee– 

  • Child below 3 year- Free
  • INR 25 for Children (3 to 12)
  • INR 50 for Adults (12 to 65)
  • Senior Citizens above 65 years: Free 

Closed– Monday 

Timings– 11:00 Am to 11:00 Pm

10. Adventure IslandAdventure Island, Delhi

Adventure Island is one of the best places to visit in Delhi for fun and thrilling experiences, check out Adventure Island at Metro Walk Mall in Rohini. 

Here you can find some of the most thrilling rides like flying machines, roller coasters and spinning coasters. 

Cruise on a speedboat or reverse bungee jump for an adrenaline rush. In the water section of the park, check out the many slides, wave pool, river stream, and spa!

Entry fee– 

  • INR 400 on Weekday 
  • INR 500 on Weekends

Closed – Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Timings-11:00 Am to 07:00 Pm


So, Here we’ve shared the list of best places to visit in Delhi. As the political, commercial, transport and cultural center of India, Delhi has an important historical significance.

You can have fun with your friends and family, experience the nightlife of Delhi and learn about the history of the city. Delhi is a city that gives to its visitors. You can plan your Delhi tour with the help of our blog.

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