A Ultimate Guide To Tata AIG Travel Insurance: Secure Your Trips

Traveling is an exciting and enriching experience that allows us to explore new destinations, immerse ourselves in different cultures and create lifelong memories. However, it is essential to consider the unexpected and ensure that you have the necessary protection. This is where travel insurance comes in handy. Tata AIG Travel Insurance is a reliable option that provides comprehensive coverage and peace of mind during your travels.

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What is TATA AIG Travel Insurance?

Tata AIG Travel Insurance offers a comprehensive travel insurance plan that includes a wide range of benefits, such as medical expense coverage, protection against lost luggage, trip cancellation and various other perils associated with travel. This carefully crafted policy aims to safeguard both you and your loved ones against any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during your travels.

Features of Tata AIG Travel Insurance

1. COVID-19 Coverage

  1. Accident and Illness Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses incurred due to diagnosis of COVID-19 outside India during the travel period and hospitalization.
  2. Travel Cancellation Compensation: Reimbursement for trips canceled due to a COVID-19 diagnosis before international travel begins.
  3. Trip Curtailment/Interruption Benefit: Reimbursement of travel interruption expenses, including pre-paid and unused travel and accommodation expenses, if diagnosed with COVID-19 during travel.

2. Baggage Cover

  1. Baggage Delayed: Coverage for essential personal items purchased due to baggage delay.
  2. Lost Baggage: Reimbursement for loss or theft of baggage.
  3. 3. Travel Cover
  4. Lost Passport: Assistance with the cost of obtaining a new passport abroad.
  5. Assistance while traveling: Assistance for various travel-related emergencies and services such as legal aid, lost luggage, passport replacement and emergency travel services.
  6. Personal Liability: Coverage for damages caused to third party persons or property during travel.
  7. Hijack Assistance: Distress allowance provided in case of a hijacked flight.
  8. Delayed Flights: Coverage for additional expenses incurred due to flight delay of more than 12 hours.
  9. Policy Extension: Automatic extension of coverage for seven days if the flight is canceled or delayed with no alternative travel option available.
  10. Trip Reduction or Cancellation: Reimbursement for unused, non-refundable hotel and emergency travel expenses.

4. Medical cover

  1. Medical Emergencies: Coverage for accident-related injuries, illnesses, hospitalisation, dental emergencies and death.
  2. Medical Evacuation: Assistance and coverage for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest hospital or repatriation to India for medical treatment.
  3. Accidental Death and Repatriation: In case of accidental death, the entire sum assured along with the cost of repatriating the remains is provided.
  4. Compassionate Travel: A two-way ticket to provide assistance to a family member during hospitalization.
  5. Interruption of studies: Reimbursement of unused tuition fees in case studies are interrupted due to illness.


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Benefits to choosing TATA AIG Travel Insurance 

Tata AIG Travel Insurance offers a host of benefits to ensure a smooth and worry-free travel experience. Here are the major benefits of their insurance policies:

  1. COVID-19 Cover: The policy provides coverage for the cost of COVID-19 treatment and hospitalization if you test positive during your travel.
  2. Affordable International Policies: You can get international travel insurance at an affordable price, starting from just Rs.40.82 per day.
  3. Affordable Domestic Policies: For travel within India, Tata AIG offers travel insurance coverage for as low as Rs 26 per day.
  4. Instant Policy Purchase: Without the need for extensive paperwork or health checks, you can easily buy Tata AIG travel insurance policy online with a few simple clicks.
  5. Hassle-free Claim Process: Tata AIG aims to simplify the claim process to save you time and effort. The claim process is easy, fast and paperless, allowing easy uploading of proofs on their portal without the need for hardcopies.
  6. 24/7 Customer Support: Tata AIG provides round the clock customer support through its in-house claim settlement and customer support team. Irrespective of the time zone, you can count on their able support to assist you at any point of time.

These benefits ensure that you have comprehensive coverage, affordable options and a seamless experience in terms of buying a policy, making claims and getting support during your journey.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans Offered by Tata AIG

Tata AIG offers a diverse range of travel insurance plans to meet different needs and budgets. Whether you are a student studying abroad, planning an international trip, exploring destinations within India, or a senior citizen on the go, Tata AIG has got you covered.

1. Student Travel Insurance

Specially designed for students studying abroad, this plan provides coverage for medical emergencies, lost luggage, etc. With affordable premiums starting from just ₹41.33 per day*students can enjoy their overseas education with peace of mind.

2. International Travel Insurance

For those planning international trips, Tata AIG’s International Travel Insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of unforeseen events. With prices as low as ₹40.82 per day*, you can be financially secure during your international adventures.

3. Domestic Travel Insurance

Discovering The Beauty Of India? Tata AIG’s Domestic Travel Insurance plan ensures that you get the financial support you need during your travels across the country. Starting at just ₹26 per day*, this plan offers coverage for a variety of contingencies, so you can explore with confidence.

4. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Specially designed for individuals above the age of 71 years, the Tata AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage without the need for medical examination. With a dedicated 24/7 helpline for senior citizens, the scheme provides support and assistance throughout their journey. The premium for this plan starts from ₹188 per day*.


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How to Buy TATA AIG Travel Insurance?

Buying the Tata AIG travel insurance is one easy task you may follow these steps to buy online travel insurance from Tata AIG:

  • Visit the Official website of Tata AIG Travel Insurance.
  • Explore the plans and coverage options available.
  • Use the travel insurance premium calculator to understand the factors that affect your premium.
  • Select your desired plan based on your travel requirements.
  • Enter your travel destination(s) and dates.
  • Add details of all passengers and their ages.
  • Compare different plans to find the one that suits you best.
  • Review the premium breakup to understand the cost.
  • Proceed for payment and provide the required details.
  • Once the payment is done, your travel insurance policy will be issued and sent to your email.

It is a convenient and hassle-free process that allows you to buy travel insurance from the comfort of your home.


Tata AIG Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring that you can enjoy your adventures with peace of mind. By choosing the right type of coverage, understanding the benefits, and following the necessary steps during a claim, you can protect yourself from the unexpected and focus on creating unforgettable memories.


1. What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is an important component of your travel plans, providing financial security and peace of mind. It protects you against unforeseen events like flight cancellations, medical emergencies and loss of passport. By obtaining travel insurance, you can travel with confidence, knowing that you have a safety net to cover unforeseen expenses and challenges that may arise during your travels.


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2. Why is travel insurance necessary?

Travel insurance is essential for any traveller, as it protects you against unforeseen events while ensuring peace of mind. Here’s why it’s important:

Medical Expenses: Covering illness or injuries abroad, travel insurance protects you from exorbitant medical bills.

Lost Luggage: If your luggage gets lost during your travel, travel insurance helps to replace them, reducing the stress and inconvenience.

Trip cancellation: If your plans are disrupted for covered reasons, travel insurance reimburses you for non-refundable expenses, protecting your finances.

Additional risks: Flight delays, missed connections, and other travel disruptions are better managed with travel insurance, minimizing disruptions.

With comprehensive travel insurance, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the unexpected.

3. Tips to choose the right travel insurance policy

Compare Policies: Take the time to compare different travel insurance policies before making a decision. Adjust coverage limits, deductibles and premiums to align with your specific needs and budget.

Check the Fine Print: Don’t ignore the fine print. Read and understand the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy thoroughly. This ensures that you know what is covered and what is not.

Tailor it to your needs: Consider your individual needs while selecting a travel insurance policy. If traveling to a developing country, choose a policy with higher medical expense coverage. For valuable baggage, choose a policy with higher baggage coverage.

4. Why should you compare Travel Insurance?

Comparing travel insurance online offers several benefits. By evaluating different policies from the comfort of your own device, you can save time and effort. Not only does it allow you to access quick quotes and possible discounts, but it also enables you to conduct in-depth reviews and analysis of various travel insurance plans. This empowers you to make an informed decision and buy your policy securely and transparently, ensuring that you have the right coverage for your travel needs.

5. What is the waiting period for travel insurance coverage?

The waiting period for travel insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance provider and the type of coverage. It is necessary to review the policy description to understand any waiting periods that may apply.

6. Can I get travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions?

Some travel insurance policies provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, while others may have specific exclusions. When purchasing a policy it is important to disclose any pre-existing conditions and review the terms and conditions to understand the coverage provided.

7. Is travel insurance mandatory for all trips?

While travel insurance is not mandatory for all trips, it is highly recommended. Having travel insurance provides financial protection against unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellation or lost luggage, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

8. Can I cancel my travel insurance policy if my plans change?

Most travel insurance policies come with a free-look period, usually within the first 10 to 15 days of purchase, during which you can cancel the policy and get a refund. However, cancellation terms and conditions may apply after this period.

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9. How long does it take to receive travel insurance claim payment?

The time taken to receive travel insurance claim payment can vary depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the claim and the efficiency of claim processing of the insurance provider. It is advised to contact your insurance provider directly for specific details regarding claim settlement.

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